On-demand webinar: Reducing the cost of single cell RNA sequencing library prep

In this free, on-demand tutorial, Dr Louise Laurent (UC San Diego) demonstrates how Nextera XT library preparation can be scaled down to as little as 2µL total volume, using the accurate positive displacement pipetting technology of a mosquito liquid handler in an automated high-throughput environment. The workflow, which has been published in the Journal of Laboratory Automation.

This tutorial covers:

  • high-throughput, low-cost preparation of single cell RNA-seq libraries with 90% cost saving
  • validation of low-volume libraries against kit manufacturers’ recommended volumes
  • low-volume and low-cost magnetic bead clean up


Miniaturization Technologies for Efficient Single-Cell Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing - Access the open source publication in JALA

App note

Dr. Louise Laurent’s group were able to reduce costs, ensure reliable pipetting and achieve reproducible data. Miniaturisation of the library prep volumes was achieved using TTP Labtech’s mosquito liquid handlers, which accurately dispense volumes of between 25 nL and 5 μL.

Dr Louise Laurent

Dr Laurent is an Assistant Professor in Reproductive Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and a recipient of a training fellowship from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a fellowship from the NIH Reproductive Scientist Development Program, and a fellowship from the NIH/NICHD Women's Reproductive Health Research Career Development Program. Her current research focuses on applying genomic and epigenomic methods to understanding the molecular regulation of pluripotency and differentiation, optimizing the preclinical and clinical utility of human pluripotent stem cells, and identifying the molecular basis of placental dysfunction in human pregnancy.