Free breakfast tutorial

"The new acumen: advanced high throughput imaging to significantly increase your screening capability"

Tuesday 15 January, 8-8:45 am, Osceola 3-4
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The 4th generation acumen removes the bottleneck in high content screening by providing the fastest high resolution imaging (including whole well image capture and analysis) regardless of plate density or multiple colours scanned. New software creates open source, OME-TIFF images that are easy to import to any third party image analysis software, thus taking advantage of existing imaging expertise without slowing down the screening process.

Late Night with LRIG

"Maximise sample integrity at -80°C: arktic®, the affordable biostore automated with air”

Monday 14 January, 7-9 pm, Orange Blossom Ballroom
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James Craven, Product Manager - Biostorage, will discuss arktic, which applies similar pneumatic (air transport) technology as used in TTP Labtech’s established comPOUND store to the infinitely more challenging environment of -80°C storage. For biobanking applications, sample temperature is critical and only arktic can ensure that the ISBER best practices for sample temperature are adopted.

Delivering on innovation at SLAS 2013

Visit TTP Labtech on Booth 1213 at SLAS for a range of new ideas:

  • our  new acumen hci - high content imaging has never been this fast!
  • our suite of integrated biobanking products and try out our sample management game
  • liquid handling you can rely on for life sciences - effortless and flexible assay miniaturisation for screening and PCR plus preview TTP Labtech's new screen optimiser
  • natural innovators - discover where TTP Labtech's technology might be taking you next: there are more new products on Booth 1213.

automation you can rely on

The range of posters submitted to SLAS demonstrates the applicability and robustness of TTP Labtech's instrumentation:  

  • MP 091 - An integrated solution for automated nanolitre hit picking at BioFocus (with BioFocus)
  • MP 094 - Rapid profiling of multiple toxicity indicators using a laser scanning imaging cytometer
  • MP 095 - Automation of assay optimisation studies: efficient and rapid set-up for a wide range of biological applications
  • MP 113 - Integration of compound storage into the automated laboratory workflow
  • MP 114 - Low cost, low footprint automated biobanking ensuring efficient laboratory workflow
  • MP 116 - Bridging the gap for automated low volume liquid handling (with Novartis)
  • MP 117 - Automated liquid handling of low volumes for biological assay and screen set-up
  • MP 128 - TTP Labtech's comPOUND provides efficient biobanking for high quality antibody storage (with Abcam)
  • TP 042 - Implementation of a high throughput screening platform using MALDI-MS as a readout (with Novartis)
  • TP 092 - Application of real-time decay curve analysis to fluorescence lifetime assays: an attractive addition to drug discovery technologies
  • A novel compound management solution for efficient hit and lead optimization support (with EMD Serono).

Are you a scan away from an iPad mini? Play our tube game on booth 1213 to find out! Look for the winning tubes in your conference bag and visit our booth to participate. You might be a scan away!