Our lab bundle pack is designed to automate your crystallisation drop setting and optimisation whilst meeting increasingly demanding budgets

With over 300 academic publications in 2 years referencing mosquito, we know how important it is to provide you with productivity and peace of mind in your daily research.

Utilising the superior positive displacement technology of TTP Labtech’s mosquito® and dragonfly® crystal, you can benefit from unrivalled accuracy and repeatability of across a wide range of viscosities, combined with effortless, intuitive software accessible to even the most novice user.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito & dragonfly delivers:

  • unrivalled accuracy and repeatability at nanolitre volume using our unique true-positive displacement technology
  • versatile workflows to miniaturise and automate processes to save time and precious crystals
  • robust and very easy to use, suitable multi-user labs
  • proven track record of research success by 300+ publications in 2 years

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The lab bundle pack includes:

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