mosquito mini-webinar series:- great crystallography stories in only 30 minutes

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From these mosquito webinars you can:

  • Discover the latest methods and strategies regarding the production of suitable crystals in membrane protein structure determination.
  • Learn about microseeding and microseed matrix screening (MMS) technology
  • Get statistical examples on small molecule-protein complex and antibody-antigen complex crystallization
  • Gather tips on developing robust crystallography platforms
  • Gain practical insights on obtaining protein-ligand complex crystals
  • Learn how others manage applied protein crystallography in an increasingly multi-user environment.

You can view our previous webinar series on demand

Dr Isabel de Moraes, Membrane Protein Laboratory at the Diamond Light Source - Challenges and opportunities in structure determination of membrane proteins.
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Dr Alexey Rak, Sanofi R&D, Paris - A redesigned crystallisation strategy focussed on a high throughput seeding technique.
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Dr Andrew Turnbull, Cancer Research Technology - Developing robust crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex structure determination
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Professor Savvas Savvides, Ghent University, with Dr Andrew Dore and Dr Kaspar Hollenstein, Heptares Therapeutics - Optimising low volume, high value protein crystallisation screening.
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